In April 2006 BNP Paribas, one of the worlds largest financial groups, became a strategic investor of UkrSibbank with the share in the Banks stock totaling 51%. In 2009 it increased its stake up to 81.42% and in 2010 to 99.99%. In August 2011, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) completed a deal to buy 15% UkrSibbanks shares. On February 2, 2016 the proportion of EBRD's shares was increased to 40%. Thus, the share of BNP Paribas totaled 59.99%.

The Banks integration with BNP Paribas Group opened a set of new prospects to include association with a global brand, best world practices and transition to new management standards. The efficient growth of the Bank is supported by its development in all market segments. UkrSibbank services over 2 mln retail clients, 255 thou SMEs and 4 thou large companies.

UkrSibbank offers packaged services, improves and streamlines sales. Due to its strategic partnership with BNP Paribas UkrSibbank is by all means the most robust and stable bank in Ukraine.

UkrSibbank the bank of positive changes.


UkrSibbank was founded in 1990. Over the first two years it operated on the financial market as Kharkiv regional bank that serviced large corporate customers.

In 1996 the Bank started opening branches in other regions of Ukraine, and since 2000 it has been building up an extensive branch network. Being actively engaged in servicing individuals and legal entities, UkrSibbank has been constantly extending the list of banking services and products and conquering new market segments.

Since 2000 the Bank has been second-to-none on the investment market being more than once recognized as the best investment bank in Ukraine.

And already in 2003 UkrSibbank proved to become a national leader that is a steady member of TOP-10 Ukrainian banks.

In December 2005 UkrSibbank, the third largest bank in Ukraine, and BNP Paribas, one of the worlds largest financial groups, singed a share purchase agreement on 51% of UkrSibbanks shares.