Rising stars

Graduates Program "Rising stars" is aimed to attract, retain and develop young specialists and graduates from best Ukrainian universities to build strong professional management team for the future.


By means of the Graduates Program "Rising stars"UkrSibbank is looking for responsible, creative, ambitious and committed young people who want to join our international team.


We announce the beginning of winter set for the program "Rising Stars"



  • Description


6 months with an opportunity to have further job-offer in UkrSibbank  


Head office (Kyiv)



Marketing & Advertising

Corporate Banking

Retail Banking

Consumer Finance

Private Banking

Investment banking





Audit & Compliance





We propose for our future trainees:

Work on your own projects during traineeship

Support of a mentor

Educational development program

Opportunity to get job offer after successful traineeship

Competitive salary

Open young team where you can get your first working experience

Requirements to the candidates:

Graduates or young specialists (1-2 years after graduation) with no experience in a selected area

Good knowledge of English

Strong communication and analytical skills

Leadership skills and openness for changes 

Proficient PC user


  • Selection process 

Please send your resume with personal data and specify the desired direction of the work on e-mail with the subject line hrd@ukrsibbank.com

Interview (Telephone interview). If we are interested in your application, we will invite you to participate in a telephone interview. It will be conducted partly or fully in English and will last up to one hour. This interview will assess certain key competencies as well as motivation to join us and the specific business function you chose.

Assessment Center. At this stage you will be able to demonstrate skills, competencies and ability to work in a team in a number of group and individual exercises. Afterwards you will have chance to get feedback about your strength and areas for development.

Final Interview. This interview will be conducted by the head of division/department with whom you will work during the traineeship.

  • FAQs / contacts

Why does it last for 6 months?
In our opinion, this is precisely the duration of a traineeship required for a trainee to understand all the major business processes within a company, acquire necessary knowledge and skills to implement own projects and finally to get acquainted with business directions activities and their accompanying processes.

What does "Educational Development Program" mean?
Educational Development Program is a special list of trainings composed on the basis of the existing trainings in order to develop our trainees, their personal and professional skills, and sustain their motivation during the entire period of traineeship.

What does "mentoring system" mean?
Mentoring system developed for your better induction and to support you during the traineeship in our bank. In other words it means that during 6 months you will have an advisor-person who can assist in all working issues and also with the issues of correct working time-management organization.

If you have any questions regarding the Program, please, send them to hrd@ukrsibbank.com. In the letter's topic, please, write "Questions about Graduates Program "Rising stars".


  • Success stories



Lukash Anna


Reengineering service

She has been working in UkrSibbank since 2015

What were your impressions of the program "Rising Stars?"

Thanks to the "Rising Stars" program I got the opportunity to receive my favorite job, remarkable understanding team and daily walks through Podil (because my office is right there) and also a whole list of things, without which I can't imagine my everyday life!

Every day of the program was full with the emotions and bright events: trainings, meetings and interesting projects! I am so happy to continue my career in UkrSibbank, and to have an opportunity to grow as a professional, as among the real stars you also shine!

Therefore, my advice is: "Work hard and enthusiastically, show that you are a true "star", which tends to stay among the Stars".



Kasianok Kyrylo


Operations Accounting Department

He has been working in UkrSibbank since 2015

I joined an international team of UkrSibbank in March 2015. At that period of time I was a fifth-year student of Kiev National University of Trade and Economics (the specialty "International Economics") and could not imagine that after 6-month internship I would become a full-fledged employee of one of the most successful foreign banks in Ukraine.

Throughout the program I worked on the project "Currency control competence centre creation", due to it we made our Center more open to customers. Due to hard work and managers' support, after completion of my internship, I was appointed the leading expert of the Currency control center.
Since then, I am happy to advise clients with my more experienced colleagues on foreign exchange operations. Thus, not only do I apply the knowledge gained in the specialty, and develop as a professional, but I delight in the daily work.



Sergii Malinka


Human Resources Management Department

What my 6-month internship in UkrSibbank was like?

At the beginning of my internship I was pleasantly surprised by the attention and empathy of colleagues, as well as high professional level of my mentor who helped and advised me a lot, and shared his own experience. I met other interns and we became friends! What is perhaps the most important, there was no unpleasant routine, all tasks were interesting; sometimes even creative, which motivated me a lot!