Environmental responsibility

JSC UKRSIBBANK is participant of financial services business; however, as one of the largest banks in Ukraine, it cannot stay away from threat of negative climate change and global warming. Environmental responsibility of our Bank is implemented in its various products and services.


There are two ways in which Bank can have an impact on the environment:


Direct impact impact resulting from usage of buildings, office facilities, bank branches, resources consumption, etc. by our employees;

Indirect impact impact of Bank activities on performance of our clients: individuals or corporate clients as well as our partners and suppliers.


Regardless of whether it is direct or indirect impact, we are committed both to reduce negative impact and increase positive impact on the environment.


Concerning reduction of direct impact, our Bank actively promotes internally a "Green Office" project, which is concept of management of organization aimed at reducing negative impact of Bank's operations on the environment through efficient use of resources and energy.


Main objectives of "Green Office" project are:


Improve management of resources consumption (reducing consumption of electricity, water, paper, etc.);

Promotion of rational resources consumption and protection of environment among the Bank's employees;

Prudent management of waste. Implementation of rules on proper sorting of resources, recycling etc.


In regard to control and optimize indirect impact, our actions are the following:


Creation of Bank products that have positive impact on the environment;

Inclusion of special environmental conditions in contracts while financing certain sectors of industry;

Inclusion of environmental criteria in suppliers selection  process (among equal suppliers preferences are given to those who actively implement and carry out principles of corporate social responsibility). At the same time, we recommend our clients and partners to reduce their negative impact on environment as much as possible.