Bulgakov Museum

UkrSibbank Private Banking has supported the Kyiv Literary and Memorial Mikhail Bulgakov Museum for several years. During this time, the Bank and the Museum have established warm and friendly relations. And this development of events is quite logical. One can even say it was the hand of divine fortune, because the UkrSibbank Private Banking Head Office is located very close to Andriivsky Uzviz, the street where the the Bulgakov Museum is located.


Apart from being the neighbor of the Museum, the bank also shares the Museums values. This is because UkrSibbank, like the Museum, strives to preserve the cultural heritage and to pass it on to future generations. We must prevent the loss of a single part of our glorious past and make sure that our descendants are amazed when they here the words Mikhail Bulgakov.


In our time, the employees of the Bulgakov Museum keep the traditions laid down by the great writer and his family. Such traditions include organizing childrens birthdays, musical evenings, wandering in the mystic space of Bulgakovs house, and tea parties on his famous porch.


In 2010, the Bulgakov Museum marked its 20th anniversary, while the building at 13 Andriivsky Uzviz, where the museum is located, was built in the remote 1888. Unfortunately, the building has not been subject to overhaul during the 20 years of its existence.


The Museum Support Project  realized by UkrSibbank seeks to restore the Museums building and to promote the creative heritage of the great Master. In addition, UkrSibbank has opened an account to accumulate charity donations to the Museum.



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M. A. Bulgakovs Museum Support Foundation


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