6 months of free Fop.Pro service for connection to E-Kasa: new promotion from UKRSIBBANK

On January 24, 2022, UKRSIBBANK will launch a new promo campaign for new and existing customers of the bank. Everyone who connects the e-Kasa service by February 24, 2022, will receive 6 months of free use of the Fop.Pro package for private entrepreneurs. The offer enables FOPs to effectively conduct business activities: control remotely the circulation of goods and services from the mobile, generate online checks and automatically transfer them to the State Tax Service, transfer funds from customers and easily endorse documents with QES.

E-Kasa mobile application

E-Kasa – an application for small and medium-sized businesses working in retail, including e-commerce, transportation, delivery. It allows to automate trades and fiscalize sales.

The application is a comprehensive solution that allows to effectively keep records and manage through the online office, control all transactions and reports in real time, issue checks without access to the Internet and fiscal service of the State Tax Service and automatically generate Z-reports. Convenient interface and 24/7 technical support help solve all business issues quickly and efficiently.

Until March 31, 2022 the use of the E-Kasa application is free of charge.

Package offer Fop.Pro

Fop.Pro – a package offer for private entrepreneurs, which contains all the necessary products and services for successful business. The package includes: current payment account with a corporate card for crediting payments from customers and business expenses; Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) for electronic document management; and NEW card salary card for money withdrawals.

To connect to the E-Kasa service and arrange a package offer Fop.Pro visit the nearest bank branch with a passport and identification code. Contact UKRSIBBANK managers for additional information.

From January 1, 2022 in line with current legislation (Laws of Ukraine 128-IX, 129-IX, 1017-IX project №4439-d) private entrepreneurs (taxpayers of groups 2-4) are required to use the Registrar of Settlement Operations (RSO) and Software Registrar of Settlement Operations (SRS) at work.

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