Account tariffs for new and existing individual customers to be changed

Starting from November 1st, 2020, updated tariffs will be introduced for accounts opened within:

  • All Inclusive Package of all levels for new and existing customers, including for payroll projects
  • Black Edition and Le Grand Packages, including for payroll projects;
  • Elite and Platinum Packages not covered by payroll projects
  • Welcome card
Package LevelBefore November 1st, 2020Starting from November 1st, 2020
StartUAH 30UAH 343UAH 38UAH 398
All InclusiveUAH 60UAH 490UAH 69UAH 568
All Inclusive for payroll projectsUAH 50UAH 440UAH 59UAH 499
All Inclusive UltraUAH 175UAH 1,380UAH 199UAH 1,559
All Inclusive Ultra for payroll projectsUAH 170UAH 1,200UAH 194UAH 1,394
All Inclusive De LuxeUAH 547UAH 3,964UAH 579UAH 4,199
All Inclusive De Luxe for payroll projectsUAH 430UAH 3,604UAH 459UAH 3,849
Black EditionUAH 980UAH 7,284UAH 1,049UAH 7,794
Black Edition for payroll projectsUAH 790UAH 6,924UAH 844UAH 7,439
Le Grand, EliteUAH 2050UAH 15,000UAH 2,199UAH 15,949
Le Grand for payroll projectsUAH 2,050UAH 15,000UAH 2,199UAH 15,949
Elite SalaryUAH 11,500UAH 12,190
PlatinumUAH 4,000UAH 4,298
Welcome cardUAH 250UAH 299

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