Best Start: new offer for legal entities from UKRSIBBANK

UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group has launched the Best Start offer for new corporate clients who haven’t been serviced by the bank yet. The offer is valid until April 30, 2022, and provides three months of free settlement and cash service of an account in UAH and free opening of a corporate payment card.

What are constituents of Best Start offer?

The Best Start offer is a new comprehensive solution for legal entities, small and medium-sized businesses, which includes:

  • Current account 2600 in UAH within the tariff plans Economy and Unlimited;
  • MasterCard or Visa corporate payment card within the tariff plan “Premium”.

The Economy tariff plan is an ideal solution for companies with a moderate number of settlement operations. The offer includes free use of the UKRSIB business internet-banking system, which allows free-of-charge money transfers to UKRSIBBANK accounts. The tariff plan also covers non-cash crediting of funds to the current account.

The Unlimited tariff plan is best suited for companies with a large number of settlement operations. The offer includes free crediting and transfer of funds to bank accounts based on paper settlement documents or through the UKRSIB business internet banking system.

The premium payment card of the Premium tariff plan is the best way to reduce operating costs and reduce the time for banking services. The card can be used to pay at sale points and in the Internet. The card also enables to set limits to control the entrepreneurial expenditures of employees. The UKRSIB business banking system allows to use a card from anywhere in the world 24/7.

What are conditions and benefits of Best Start offer?

From February 7, 2022, UKRSIBBANK offers to use the Best Start offer on particularly favorable terms . By opening the package until April 30, 2022, the bank’s customers will access the following benefits:

  • free settlement and cash service of the current account of 2600 TP “Economy” and “Unlimited” for three months;
  • free opening of a corporate payment card of the Premium offer/ One of the following cards can be issued to a client representative: Mastercard Corporate Contactless, MC Business Contactless, Visa Business and used during the year for free.

The offer is valid from February 7 to April 30, 2022 for new UKRSIBBANK customers who do not have active current accounts in the bank at the time of the promotion. The offer provides the client with a set of product solutions for daily business operations in one of the most reliable banks in Ukraine, as well as a high level of expertise from a personal manager.

Read more about the conditions and benefits of the Best Start offer link.

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