BNP Paribas and Sparknews: innovation with a positive impact

Positive impact: the cornerstone of BNP Paribas activities.

As a creator of sustainable financial products and a partner of social entrepreneurs around the world, BNP Paribas has made Positive Business a central component of its long-term growth strategy. Investments and financing with a positive impact constitute the first commitment of the Economic Responsibility pillar in the Group’s CSR policy. BNP Paribas thus commits to supporting the economy in an ethical way, notably by working to implement a system combining “innovation” and “positive impact”.

Positive innovation means innovating for responsible projects that aim to protect the environment and combat inequalities. As part of its commitment to CSR (corporate social responsibility), BNP Paribas signed a partnership with Sparknews, an international media outlet focusing on initiatives with a positive impact. It’s an excellent way to expand the Group’s efforts in this area.

The positive side of innovation “Positive innovations” are projects that bring new solutions to existing problems faced by society, the environment or the economy. Aspiring to achieve more than just a return, they develop innovative products and services that combine sustainable development and profitability. For example, an agricultural innovation may help to reduce the use of pesticides, while also boosting crop yields and revenue for its beneficiaries. Similarly, a socially responsible investment vehicle can finance anti-poverty initiatives, while offering investors a


As with any other innovation process, collaboration is central to positive innovation. Startups, associations, entrepreneurs, non-profits, civil society, government and other organizations combine their expertise within an approach based on dialogue and co-creation. In this manner, BNP Paribas supports around 10 positive-impact innovation projects developed with startups in three key areas of sustainable development: energy transition, social entrepreneurship and green finance.

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