BNP Paribas Group: Results as at 30 September 2021

Very strong increase in results and a positive jaw effects

Sustained revenue growth
Revenues: +4.7% vs. Q3’20 (+4.6% vs. Q3’19)
Investment and business development
Positive jaw effect

Costs: +3.8% vs. vs. Q3’20 (-0.1% vs. Q3’19)
Low cost of risk
32 bp (cost of risk/ Customer loans outstanding at the beginning of the period)
Sharp rise in operating income
Growth across all divisions

Operating income (net income, group share): 3,280 m euro, +31.1% vs.Q3’20 (+24.8% vs.3Q’19)
High level of results
Very strong growth in net income vs.Q3’20 and Q3’19
Net income 2,503 m euro, +32.2% vs.Q3’20
(+29.2% vs.3Q’19)
Solid balance sheet
CET 1 ratio: 13%
BNP Paribas launches a 900 m euro share buyback program on 1 November 2021
Presentation of the strategic plan upon the release of full-year results on 8 February 2022

Chief Executive Officer Jean-Laurent Bonnafé stated: “BNP Paribas’ results are solid and confirm the potential for growth beyond the rebound that has already occurred. On the strength of its distinctive model, BNP Paribas continues to accelerate the development of its activities and to invest at the service of clients and the economy. Our digital and industrial transformation allows it to be more efficient every day and to address customers’ new behaviours by offering them greater proximity and advisory. BNP Paribas is, more than ever, mobilizing its entire range of resources and expertise – where its leadership is acknowledged and which have been developed in all the Group’s businesses and platforms over the past 10 years – to support individual, corporate and institutional clients in the energy transition, to accompany them in their transformation and to contribute, alongside them, to the success of sustainable growth. I would like to thank BNP Paribas’ teams in all its entities for their constant mobilization, and clients, who are increasingly numerous in placing their confidence in us in Europe and worldwide.”

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