Clients of Ukrsibbank have an international history of financial services

UKRSIBBANK’s clients have a unique possibility to receive high quality services within BNP Paribas Group that operates in 73 countries all over the world.

For example, Bank of the West, BNP Paribas Group that operates 550 branches in the US, helps customers with a work VISA, employment and a passport (that will not expire for at least one year), get a credit card, buy a car, buy a home, etc. despite the fact that they have no US credit history (no FICO score).

To learn more, we encourage potential clients to fill out the contact form on the bank’s website.

An International Banking group officer will contact you to plan and facilitate the account opening at a convenient branch, within the bank retail network, or refer to Wealth management if a private banking relationship is desired.

At the branch, a Bank officer, with the support of the International Banking Group, will help assess your needs and open an account, even before receiving the Social Security Number, to facilitate the inbound transfer of funds from overseas, linked to the move.

To sum up: Bank of The West customers receive a number of benefits to make their relocation easier, and the needed initial financial tools to get started with their US adventure: a checking account, debit and credit cards, car loans and mortgage.

The credit card limit can reach up to $15K for a retail relationship (based on income level, minimum income $36K) and up to $25K for a Wealth Management Relationship ($250K minimum relationship), auto loan goes up to $75000 and up to 60 months for new and used vehicles sold by dealerships, the mortgage program goes all the way to $2M.

Since conditions may change, please ask the International Banking Group for the latest information concerning these “global mobility” programs.

Bank of the West services and supports thousands of international clients within the 23 states the bank operates. Start with the “contact form” and let Bank of the West do the rest.

For more information about Bank of the West.

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