Dmytro Tsapenko has been appointed as Head of the Corporate Business Department of UKRSIBBANK

On June 23, 2020, the Supervisory Board of UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group appointed Dmytro Tsapenko as Deputy Chairman of the Management Board – Head of the Corporate Business Department of UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group and a member of the Management Board.

Prior to this appointment, Dmytro was Deputy Chairman of the Board, Director of Treasury and Capital Markets a member of the Management Board of the bank. Dmytro joined the UKRSIBBANK team in 1998 and has successful management experience on different positions in Treasury, Risk, ALM and Local Capital Markets.

Hans Broucke — the former — Head of Corporate Department Deputy Chairman of the Board will assume new responsibilities within BNP Paribas Group and will join another bank as Member of the Board.

“I sincerely thank Hans Broucke for his significant contribution to the development of UKRSIBBANK’s Corporate Business and wish him further inspiration in his future projects and career. I also wish success to Dmytro Tsapenko and our Bank’s Corporate Business team in achieving the strategic goals of Corporate Business Development in Ukraine”, — says Laurent Dupuch. Responsible for BNP Paribas business in Ukraine.

UKRSIBBANK is an integral part of the One Bank approach within BNP Paribas Group. One Bank reflects our capacity to accompany corporate clients in their expansion abroad by leveraging BNP Paribas’ international footprint (presence in 71 countries).

The One Bank platform provides internationally operating corporate clients with seamless cross-border solutions and customer experience. One Bank is supported by a community of dedicated relationship managers who ensure the high standard level of service provided to our Clients.

UKRSIBBANK — as a bank for a changing world, constantly implements innovations and offers to customers new technological solutions. Today, UKRSIBBANK, as part of BNP Paribas Group, has an ambitious corporate social responsibility policy. The priority bank’s aim is sustainable development and positive impact on society and the environment. First, we support projects where we can have impact. We achieve this by aligning our products and services, partnership, employer action, transparent procurement policies, corporate social responsibility programs, and most importantly engaging our employees in an active social position — staff volunteering and entrepreneurial initiatives — Engagement. The Bank, as BNP Paribas Group, has four main priorities aimed at supporting entrepreneurs, young people, local community and energy transition.

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