End of transition period to IBAN format

UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group informs that from January 13, 2020, customer accounts of all Ukrainian banks will change the format – all transfers will be carried out only using IBAN.

From January 11, 2020 18:45 for external payments and 19:00 for internal payments, a transitional period will be in place, during which bank customers will be able to indicate in the details of settlement documents both the current account number and bank code, and the account number in the IBAN standard. Please note that at the end of the transition period, namely, starting January 13, 2020, only account numbers in IBAN format will be used to make payments in Ukrainian banks.

Payment will send to the Bank with the due date after January 11,2020 on the details account number with bank code, will be returned with the reason for the return” will be made only with IBAN”.

Note that the introduction of IBAN in Ukraine is an initiative of the National Bank of Ukraine. This format of the international bank account number will become mandatory for customers of all banks of Ukraine when making payments in both national and foreign currencies, including for cross-border transfers. That is, all transfers will be carried out only using IBAN.

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