Fifth Stage of the Silver Coin Charity Project to Start

The fifth stage of the Silver Coin charity project will take place from February 17 to April 17, 2014, in all branches of UkrSibbank BNP Paribas Group. The project is a joint initiative of UkrSibbank and the Ukrainian charitable organization Down Syndrome. The Silver Coin projects offers support to families whose children have been diagnosed with this condition: psychological counseling,

support, parent group meetings, brochures for maternity hospitals, prenatal and maternity welfare centers, and seminars for parents and medical staff in the regions.

Donation boxes have been installed in all UkrSibbank branches. At the end of each week all collected funds will be credited to the account of the Down Syndrome organization. You can also donate money directly to the organization’s account in UkrSibbank, account no. 26007265663400 MFO 351005. You can also buy a sticker for five hryvnias and attach it to the image of a sun symbolizing people living with Down Syndrome. UkrSibbank is also offering its clients a Silver Coin payment card. The bank will transfer to the Down Syndrome organization 1% of all purchases you make with this card.

UkrSibbank is trying to change Ukrainians’ attitude to children living with Down Syndrome. Lack of awareness, along with the absence of dedicated support and development programs, compounds the problem. Few people have a clear understanding of what Down Syndrome means. Even fewer know that these «sunny» children can be a tremendous source of happiness and positive emotions. In developed countries, they are considered practically

members of society, even though they have special needs. In Ukraine, such children are perceived as a symbol of a family’s inferiority.

«We are trying to overcome the stereotype that such children are inferior. UkrSibbank is in its fifth year of supporting the Silver Coin. We are very pleased that our efforts have brought tangible positive results. Now families with these «sunny» children can obtain professional advice and publications and attend seminars. People are reconsidering their attitudes and extending a helping hand to children with Down Syndrome,» said Kostiantyn Lezhnin, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board at the UkrSibbank BNPParibas Group.

Thanks to the Silver Coin project, we have collected hundreds of thousands of hryvnias for children with Down Syndrome. The total amount of contributions in the last four years reached UAH 750,000. In 2010 the first Ukrainian Early Development Center for children living with Down Syndrome opened its doors. This is the only center of its kind in Ukraine. More than 590 families from all over Ukraine participate in the Center’s programs free of charge. Thanks to the project, children benefited from the dedicated speech and reading development «See and Learn» programs. In 2012 seminars were held in five oblasts across Ukraine for the staff of nurseries and primary schools, speech therapists, psychologists, and parents of children with Down Syndrome. The Silver Coin project also launched the early

development tool called «Numikon». Last year the collected funds were earmarked to provide these children and their parents with comprehensive diagnostic and consultation support and brochures and to support the Early Development Center.

«We see

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