In 2Q’20 the UKRSIBBANK has posted NPAT (net profit after tax) of UAH 671M

Net banking income reached

2,8 Bn UAH
negatively impacted by the sharp decrease of the key central bank rate from 17.5% in

Q2 2019 to 6%

Q2 2020
and the consequence of the pandemic on business activity early Q2 2020. Sign of gradual rebound of business activities to pre-pandemic level at the end of Q2 2020.

The operational expenses reached 1.8Bn UAH (+7% YoY). The increase indicates the bank transformation commitments by investing in Human and IT capital despite the outbreak of Covid-19 and strong reduction of interest rates.

Cost of risk amounted -216M UAH due to negative base effect and impacted by Covid -19 in Q2 2020.

Solid Capital Adequacy Ratio of 26.49%, far above the minimum level of 10%, leaving room for further responsible growth.

In a context of a Covid-19 crisis that is both unique and violent UKRSIBBANK employees have been able to meet client needs swiftly and comprehensively.

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