In the second quarter of 2017 the revenues of IRB — totaled 1.352 bl euro, revenues BNP Paribas Group — 10.938 bl euro

Income IRB (International Retail Banking) — one of BNP Paribas Group business lines in the second quarter 2017 totaled 1.352 bl euro, an increase of 6.1% compared to the second quarter 2016. It should be noted that UKRSIBBANK is the part of IRB.

On the whole, the revenues of BNP Paribas Group totaled 10.938 bl euro.

The Group is actively implementing the 2020 transformation plan, an ambitious program of new customer experience, digital transformation and operating efficiency. It also continues to reinforce its internal control and compliance systems. Lastly, it is carrying out an ambitious policy of engagement in the society aimed at financing the economy in an ethical manner, being a positive agent for change, developing our people and combating climate change.

Also we remind that recently one of the most influential in the world financial magazine Euromoney named BNP Paribas — “World’s best bank for corporates in 2017”.

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