Innovation is a major factor in the development of Ukraine’s agricultural sector

UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group invited key agro-sector customers at SUP Agro Day — an event organized by the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs to share the best experience in implementing new technologies in agriculture.

“Today, the agricultural sector is facing new challenges. By 2050, we will need to feed already 10 billion people all around the world. The point is whether the current system can do it in a sustainable, responsible and productive way. There are many challenges ahead, but I see the ability of Ukrainian agribusinesses to adapt to them and turn challenges into opportunities,” said Hans Broucke, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, Head of Corporate Business at UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group. — Global experience indicated that key changes in the agricultural sector are driven by innovation. UKRSIBBANK — as part of one of the largest financial group in the world aims at supporting agribusiness entrepreneurs in these opportunities.”

As an example, specially invited guest Tali Ramon — BNP Paribas Innovation and Startup Consultant, revealed Ukrainian farmers about experience of technology implementation in Israel, a country that today is one of the leaders in agritech innovation. Thanks to the own technological ecosystem, today Israel is a “nation of startups”.

The large number of Israel’s agricultural start-ups has been the result of difficult natural conditions for agriculture. Computerized methods of irrigation, greenhouse technologies, technologies of water conservation, storage of harvest, increase of productivity — it is not a complete list of directions of Israel’s innovations.

“In Israel, only 20% of the land is suitable for agricultural production. However, thanks to the introduction of innovative solutions in agriculture, a small country with a constant shortage of rainfall and fertile soils has been able to achieve high productivity of the industry, meeting its needs by 95%,” said Tali Ramon.

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