More than 4,000 women participated in the Women in business 2022 seminars

UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group has completed the annual series of free Women in business seminars for Ukrainian women who want to start and develop their own business or continue to develop and build a successful career.

As part of the program «Women in business 2022: resilient and free!» UKRSIBBANK invited successful women in business, to share their knowledge, experience and expertise in the most important areas of business.

Thus, Olena Plakhova, director of reputation management of the Nova Poshta Group of companies, told how to adapt business to the conditions of martial law. Tetyana Gerasimova, a certified business trainer and practicing business consultant, shared her experience of implementing anti-crisis financial management. With Oksana Boyko, a certified business coach, founder and leader of the management school, the participants discussed the change in consumer demand, how to attract funds, new customers and adapt to new realities. Valeriya Tolochyna, director of marketing at Megogo, spoke about new marketing opportunities for business. Zoya Lubod, co-owner of Lobods digital agency and digital consultant, also shared new social trends in digital communications.

Finally, with Anastasia Bortnik, a certified business coach and management and personal brand consultant, they talked about anti-crisis communication with employees and maintaining their motivation.

Participation in the seminars was free. Link to the seminars in the recording is here.

The development of women’s entrepreneurship and the presence of women in all spheres of the economy provides harmony in making operational decisions and a multifaceted view of doing business. Seminars for the development of entrepreneurship provide participants with knowledge that helps them achieve their goals, skills to successfully overcome turbulence and become a strong support for the economy in the period of formation and recovery after the victory of Ukraine.

UKRSIBBANK actively promotes the principles and goals of sustainable development in Ukraine, is a member of the UN Global Compact Network. The Bank advocates the reduction of gender inequality in the business environment and implements initiatives aimed at ensuring equal opportunities for women in political, economic and social life.

More than 4,000 resilient and free Ukrainian women took part in our seminars this year. It is incredible that so many participants showed resilience and desire to develop their own business to support the economy of our country today and in the future. Women in business are flexible, they know how to adapt and look for opportunities where it would seem that they could not be found. With our program "Women in business", we support women in business and are ready to help in the development of their business. Our speakers shared their important experience of working during martial law, and most importantly, advice on how to act in different situations.

Yanina Olkhovska
Director of communications, corporate social responsibility and engagement of UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group

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