New rules for cash withdrawal via bank’s cash desk

Since September 2019, UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group, the part of one of the largest international financial group, introduces new rules for cash withdrawal via the bank’s cash desk for corporate and SME clients in accordance with Ukrainian legislation and high international standards.

If client is going to withdrawal cash in the amount equal or more then

UAH 150 K
or its equivalent in foreign currency, he has to provide information and / or documentary proof of the origin sources of these funds, the purpose of cash using and the economic benefit of the future cash transaction. Customer can provide all the details in advance – up to 10 calendar days before the planned date for cash withdrawal.

A key principle of UKRSIBBANK is transparent and safe operations for all customers. By implementing the new rules, the bank aims at meeting global standards in the prevention and counteraction to the legalization of income that was reach in crime way, terrorist financing, corruption, etc. One of the such standard is the analysis of the funds origins and the purpose of cash using.

Responsibility and ethics are the main values of our bank, which is trusted by almost

2 million clients
. UKRSIBBANK has repeatedly been recognized as a reliable, open, transparent and professional bank in international and local ratings.

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