“Our bank is at the service of our clients and world we live”: BNP Paribas has published The Group’s Integrated Report 2018

BNP Paribas has published The Group’s Integrated Report 2018 that shows how we combine company performance and creation of sustainable value, in response to economic, technological and societal changes in our environment.

Full The Group’s Integrated Report 2018 you can find here.

BNP Paribas aspires to meet the highest standards in reporting and with this document publishes its first integrated report. It covers 2018 and is intended for all stakeholders—notably shareholders and investors, clients, employees, public-sector institutions, civil-society organisations, partners and suppliers. The report expresses the Group’s aim to be a bank that supports the economy, serves its clients and is engaged with society. The report covers the challenges that BNP Paribas and its ecosystem face, and illustrates, through concrete examples, the actions taken to meet them. It also shows how the Group is creating short-, medium- and long-term value through collaboration with stakeholders.

Our Integrated Report is built around 4 chapters:

We are committed to building a more balanced and sustainable world.

In an ever-changing world, BNP Paribas, a key international banking player and a leading bank in the eurozone, has a decisive role to play in creating the conditions for more balanced economic growth and contributing to the emergence of a new model of value creation that is more sustainable and equitable.

We finance companies and are able to promote building a more ecological and inclusive economy. We work with clients every day and support them in implementing small- and large-scale projects that shape their lives and the lives of those around them. We continually improve the experience offered to our clients and develop services and solutions tailored to the needs of each of them. We firmly believe that a company should have a positive impact on the wider world, support its clients in this approach and unify energies around this goal.

For these reasons, our strategy is built around three strong ambitions:

In a changing world that is more open, more complex and in perpetual motion, we are fully committed along with our employees, clients and society to laying the foundations for a better future.

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