Secure card payments

Paying for goods and services online has long been the norm of everyday life. Fast, convenient, safe, if you follow simple rules.

UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group — a bank of positive change strives to make the financial life of custumers simple, safe and rewarding. Therefore, it draws the attention of customers to the rules of working with a bank card when shopping on the Internet, as well as the tactics of communication with potential fraudsters.

Most often, bank card users are faced with fraud for disclosing their own confidential data. They transfer the passwords and codes themselves to the so-called “employees” of the bank, the NBU, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other official organizations, forgetting that no one has the right to ask the client of the bank for the validity of his plastic card,

, password word,

cvv2 / сvc2
codes. This information is confidential, which means it will not be disclosed.

Now there are various schemes: fitting — sending emails, vising — phone calls, or mixing — text messages when fraudsters use personal, financial or confidential information with cunning.

Also, fraudsters make fake banking sites like respectable ones by equipping them with a pop-up window where you need to submit bank details. In addition, you should be wary of unknown online stores with attractive low prices and promotions. In this case, you read the reviews and pay after delivery of the goods.

A separate direction is investment rogue, when fraudsters offer to invest in stocks, bonds, crypto currency, precious metals, real estate abroad, alternative energy, promising to receive extraordinary profits. And this is still not a complete list of fraudulent schemes.

To make your card payments on the Internet safe, we suggest you look at the materials of the All-Ukrainian Association of EMA payment system participants, developed together with Europol, here.

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