Seeing with the Heart: Braille Books by UKRSIBBANK

UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group supports “Svit na dotik” program by charity foundation “Health of the Future” and helps with the printing of books in Braille.

In addition to books for the smallest “The Alphabet” and “The Cat in Boots”, last year UKRSIBBANK completed another important project. There was a publication on the topic “Health and Safety”, books for teenagers “A guy at 100%” and “A girl at 100%”. This year, thanks to the bank, “The Knights of the Clean Planet» were published — the publication along with a quiz game that is included in “The School of the Clean Planet” set. The pages of the new masterpiece of print art will very soon feel the warmth of children’s palms, scattered across boarding schools for children with visual impairments.

Next year it is planned to print the book “Natural Phenomenon” in the framework of the project “Environmental Education”.

“The most important things can be seen with the heart. UKRSIBBANK and its employees are well aware of the need for Braille books, and we are adding a lot of effort to bring such books out, — said Yanina Olkhovska, head of Brand and Communications, Chairman of the UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group Charity Fund. — The bank seeks to create equal opportunities for the development of children, and our task is to expand the horizons of knowledge and help special children receive interesting and useful literature for development”.

The positive initiative “Svit na Dotyk” can be supported by transferring funds to charity foundation “Health of the Future”.
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