“Silver Coin”–2016: Large Aid for Small Kids

UkrSibbank BNP Paribas Group announces annual “Silver Coin” Children with Down Syndrome Assistance Campaign. This year, fund raising for the needs of “sunny” kids will be held March 1 — May 31.

In 2016 the funds raised within the project will be intended to support enrollment of the children with Down syndrome into general pre-school institutions. For this end, educational program will be created for the teachers and parents to enroll the “sunny” children, services of early treatment with experts (professional psychological and pedagogical support at the premises of the Early Development Center) will be provided, seminars for parents and experts dealing with Down syndrome will be held.

“By the virtue of the Silver Coin Project, the parents of these “sunny” kids will be provided with psychological and pedagogical counseling by experts of the “Down Syndrome” Ukrainian Charitable Organization Early Development Center in the process of preparing the kids for enrollment to the pre-school institutions, and with necessary legal information about children inclusive education. Moreover, it is the experts involved in this process who will get methodological support in the organization of classes for the children with Down syndrome”, explained Serhii Kurianov, the President of the “Down Syndrome” Ukrainian Charitable Organization.

There are several options to donate money:

  1. A donation box is available in every UkrSibbank subdivision. Funds may be donated directly in the box.
  2. If the amount of donation exceeds UAH 1,000, the funds shall be credited through cashiers.
  3. Cashless money transfer is possible, via the following details: “Down Syndrome” Ukrainian Charitable Organization, settlement account 26005265663402, MFO 351005 with JSC UkrSibbank.
  4. Funds may be donated online through the “Down Syndrome” Ukrainian Charitable Organization web-site by clicking on “Donate”.

Each person donating at least UAH 10 may receive a special paper plane from a branch employee and stick it on the bank show-window with the promotional banner depicting a rocket helping the plane reach its goal which cannot do it by itself.

The total amount of the funds donated for 6 years exceeds UAH 1,375 million. In 2010 the money was spent on the equipment for the specialized early development center for children with Down Syndrome. In 2011 the “See and Learn” special speech development and reading program was distrubuted. In 2012 the specialized training seminars were held for special education teachers, speech therapists, psychologists and parents of the kids with Down Syndrome in 5 regions of the country. In 2013 the funds were spent for comprehensive diagnosis and counseling of the children with Down syndrome and their parents in all the regions of Ukraine, the guidelines were published for such families, and programs of the “Down Syndrome” Ukrainian Charitable Organization Early Development Center. In 2014 the funds were intended for psychological counseling, therapy group for parents, development and publishing of leaflets for maternity hospitals, perinatal centers and maternity welfare centers, regional training seminars for parents and experts. In 2015 the families having children with Down Syndrome were supported: early treatment services with highly specialized exports involved, habilitation and distribution of specialized informational materials, special events for the parents of children with Down Syndrome and teachers.

“I am pleased that despite the unfavorable economic environment, charity is still a trend in Ukraine. This is how we, the Ukrainians, stay truly humane and are ready to help our neighbors make their dreams come true, reach their goal to become a full member o

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