About 157 thousand hryvnias via cash transfers and direct donations in UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group branches all over have been raised over the last two months within the Silver Coin campaign held by UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group in cooperation with the Down Syndrome Foundation.

For twelve years UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group, together with the bank’s partners and clients, has been supporting social projects for the education, development and inclusion of children with Down syndrome. This year’s initiative We are All Special aims to raise money for three best regional social and educational projects. You can support it financially and donate until December 15, 2021, by making a non-cash transfer of funds to the Down Syndrome via a QR-code or special social boxes for cash donations in any of 238 branches.

The statistics shows that 300-400 children with Down syndrome are born in Ukraine every year. An additional 47 chromosomes slows down their physical and mental development. For example, most of them begin to sit only at 8-9 months, walk at 2 years, and speak no earlier than aged 4-5. In addition, these children are more likely to have heart diseases, cancer, bad eyesight and weak immune system. However, this can be addresses by a comprehensive therapy in a timely manner. Special classes help them to balance communication and mental abilities and strengthen the physical and psychological health.

In European countries people with Down syndrome become full members of the society. They are easily recruited, get married, socialize. This is the future we expect for them in Ukraine. Through the Silver Coin,we support the rights of these children for the development, education, and equal opportunities declared in the UN Convention and the Sustainable Development Goals, Yanina Olkhovska, UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group’s Director of Communications, Corporate Social Responsibility and Involvement said.

Last year, the funds raised via the Silver Coin were used to implement three social projects, including the Yoga 21 in Poltava. 17 children and their parents attended 40 yoga-classes. Children with Down syndrome have weak muscles and coordination problems. Strengthening and balancing asanas have helped them to strengthen muscles and body. The breathing exercises made them relax and concentrate. The presence of parents increased their confidence.

Although the results are not the same, all the participants progressed and experienced the physical and psychological benefits of yoga. This will have a positive effect on other areas of their lives, for example, will improve learning and communication, the yoga coach said.

The project also helped to draw public attention and overcome stereotypes about people with Down syndrome.

Support the positive change initiative of the Silver Coin in one click on the official website of the Down Syndrome All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization or transfer funds in favor of the Down Syndrome All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization to the account IBAN: UA833510050000026004265663403. In addition, you can order a Silver Coin payment card from UKRSIBBANK.

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