Simple security rules

Due to development of information technology electronic payments via Internet banking became more popular and usable. However, cybercriminals can also use Internet banking for dishonest schemes. Fraudsters can make unauthorized access to Internet banking with sim-card – telephone number that owner connectes to Internet-banking. For this they block the SIM card and until its owner finds out why it is blocked, fraudsters call to the mobile operator and “restore” the SIM card, in this manner get access to all incoming messages including to SMS-messages with secret codes and passwords from the bank.

To “restore” a SIM cybercriminal should mention three last phone numbers that had connected the victim via phone. He can know these numbers if he himself called to the victim. Fraud schemes with a SIM-card may be different and depend on the imagination of cybercriminals.

How not to become a victim of cybercriminals?

  • It is better and safer to use contractual mobile packages.
  • Try do not point out your phone number that connected with your Internet banking in Internet (internet adds for example).
  • Be care if different unknown phone users call you and ask call back. In this case, contact the hotline of the mobile operator and report this situation.
  • Bank employees never ask you to disclose confidential data of your payment card, such as the validity period, CVV2 / CVC2 code, passwords from SMS messages from the bank. Never report these data!
  • If you find out that your phone number, that connected to the payment card, is blocked, immediately call the bank and block the payment card, as well as access to Internet banking.
  • If you have any doubts or questions about the transactions on your payment card, call the UKRSIBBANK StarContact: 0800505800 (free within Ukraine) and 729 (free from mobile).

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