TENNIS OPEN DAYS – UKRSIBBANK invites its clients-fans of tennis to play for free on the courts of their city

UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group will host TENNIS OPEN DAYS in October and November. This means that every Sunday for two months the bank’s clients will be able to play tennis with friends, family, partners or even a coach on the best courts in Kiev, Odessa, Dnipro, Kharkov and Lvov. And all this: courts and coach services are completely free.

To play a match with your friends, you need to be a client of the bank and take just a few simple steps: pre-fill the registration form, inform the administrator about a convenient time. Also inform the administrator about the need for a coach, who will contact you after registratio, and most importantly – come to the courts with partners in the game, present an identity document and a UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group bank card, and enjoy the game!

This is the second time UKRSIBBANK holds TENNIS OPEN DAYS for its clients. Last year, more than 1 500 clients had a useful and fun time on the courts of various cities. “Tennis is not just a spectacular and very elegant sport. For many of us, this is a whole life full of drive, positive emotions and pleasant acquaintances, – says Yanina Olkhovska, Head of Communication, CSR & Engagement at UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group. “Our bank, as part of the international BNP Paribas Group, shares its clients’ passion for tennis. This is why we are hosting TENNIS OPEN DAYS to show our shared commitment to tennis to provide customers with an exciting experience with friends on the best courts in their city”.

This year UKRSIBBANK made another pleasant surprise. If you are not yet a client of the bank, you have the opportunity to apply for a new free Sport Card bank card. It will not only give you the opportunity to participate in the TENNIS OPEN DAYS bank program, but also guarantee 5% cashback for all your purchases in sports stores and sports clubs. Don’t hesitate!

Participation in TENNIS OPEN DAYS is also a great opportunity to become involved in the great history of tennis, which was written by the main shareholder of UKRSIBBANK – the international financial group BNP Paribas, together with world legends since the distant 1973. It was then that the French Tennis Federation approached the BNP – Banque Nationale de Paris to finance the installation of seats in the central court at Roland Garros. This tournament considered prestigious in clay competition. Since then, the bank has become the official sponsor of the tournament, and subsequently joined the organization of other most popular competitions: Fed Cup, BNP Paribas Masters, Monte Carlo Rolex Masters, Internazionali BNL d’Italia, BNP Paribas Open at Indian Wells, as well as a number of amateur competitions. Therefore, the world tennis stars literally grew up on the courts with white and green banners with BNP Paribas stars on their backs.

So, you can practice with tennis rackets and balls weekly in October and November at:

  • Kiyv, International Tennis Academy, Vozdukhoflotsky prospect, 63
  • Odesa, Lawn Tennis Club, Frantsuzkiy Boulevard, 85
  • Dnipro, SK Human, P. Orlyk ave., 20A
  • Kharkiv, Superior Golf & Spa Resort, Academician Kurchatov Ave., 1-A
  • Lviv, SK Eurosport, st. Petrushevich, 1

Everything you need for a successful game: good mood, great company, your own rackets and balls, sports uniform and, taking into account the quarantine, protective masks for public places.

More information here.

Therefore, we will meet on the courts of your city! WE ARE TENNIS!

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