The introduction of an IBAN bank account number in Ukraine

UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group informs you that in 2019 the National Bank of Ukraine initiated the implementation of International Bank Account Number (ІВAN) in Ukraine. IBAN will be obligatory for all Ukrainian banks customers for their payments in both domestic and foreign currencies, including cross-border remittance.

Thus, all transfers will be processed only with IBAN (instead of the account number and Bank’s MFO code).

UKRSIBBANK is actively involved into the initiative of introducing IBAN accounts in Ukraine and cooperates with the NBU and other banks.

Therefore, since

August, 5, 2019
, UKRSIBBANK will open new clients’ accounts according IBAN standard, and will change the current account numbers in accordance with the requirements of this standard, maintaining the current analytical account number.

From August,

5 till October 31, 2019
, all bank’s customers will be able to indicate in the requisites of settlement documents the current account number and bank code and the account number according IBAN standard as well. However, please note, that after this time, since November,1st 2019 only IBAN accounts will be used to make any payments in Ukrainian banks.

UKRSIBBANK will inform its customers about providing IBAN account numbers and about the data of the transition period as well.

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