UKRSIBBANK and 5 Other Banks Joined LIGA.Money, A Unique Platform to Compare Consumer Loans

UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group and five other banks: OTP BANK, TASCOMBANK, ACСORDBANK, Raiffeisen Bank Aval, and PRAVEX BANK joined to LIGA.Money platform, a unique, free for consumers online-service that allows for comparing loan offers provided by Ukrainian banks.

The website money.liga.net, will also provide independent advice to consumers on making reasonable financial decisions. The online platform will be launched publicly in

June 2020
by the Ligamedia holding company, the USAID Financial Sector Transformation Project, and partner banks.

“We salute banks that have already joined LIGA.Money or are in the process of joining it. This is a step towards openness in consumer lending,” emphasized Robert Bond, Chief of Party for the USAID Financial Sector Transformation Project. “The willingness of these banks to disclose complete information on the total cost of loans to customers through an easy to understand, comparative tool is a transformative action. Their joining is an indication of a major change in Ukrainian retail bank lending and how banks treat customers.”

LIGA.Money will provide consumers with accurate, reliable and user-friendly information to compare different retail loan products from banks, specifically personal loans, car loans, mortgages, and credit cards. The information on loans will be uploaded to the platform directly by banks according to an agreed upon methodology. For the first time, Ukrainian consumers will be able to do real comparison shopping for loans based on the real annual interest rate — the key indicator of the loan cost.

“LIGA.Money’s creditmeter will allow consumers to save time, money and stress by comparing bank credit offers on-line without any need to visit bank branches, which is very helpful in the times of COVID-19,” said Dmytro Bondarenko, CEO of Ligamedia. “Even more important, LIGA.Money users can be confident in the creditmeter’s relevance for them – the offers they see are real, and the comprehensive and fair comparison methodology was developed by the USAID Financial Sector Transformation Project.”


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