UKRSIBBANK congratulates on the Day of Ukrainian Cinema

For 100 years the international financial group BNP Paribas — the main shareholder of UKRSIBBANK supports cinema. In fact, every second film in France has direct or indirect support for BNP Paribas. At the same time, the Group participates at all stages: production, rental and distribution.

For example,last year, BNP Paribas supported the director Luc Besson and his project “Valerian and the city of a thousand planets”. At the production stage of this film, fans of different countries plunged into the world of Valerian, looking behind the scenes. At the invitation of BNP Paribas, about 400 people, including from Ukraine, visited the film set in Paris. They watched the filming and editing of Luc Besson’s film. Already traditionally, BNP Paribas is the partner of a number of cinematographic festivals: the Cesar Ceremony, the Lumiere Brothers Festival in Lyon, the Cannes Festival and many others.

In Ukraine, UKRSIBBANK as a part of the Group also supports cinematography. In particular, the bank is a regular partner of the film program of the French Spring. This year the focus of the festival was focused on cooperation between world and domestic masters, in the future they will be able to continue the number of famous Ukrainian names. After all, Ukrainian cinema art can not be imagined without Alexander Dovzhenko, Ivan Kavaleridze, Mark Donskoy, Sersi Paradzhanov, Leonid Bykov, Leonid Osyka, Ivan Mykolaichuk, Bogdan Stupka.

“The cinema is a powerful force in the hands of an artist, can raise a whirlwind of feelings, induce to action or vice versa, will require a silent dialogue with oneself. We were lucky to live in the era when the history of Ukrainian cinema art begins — said Yanina Olkhovska, Head of the Brand and Communications Service of UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group. — We are proud of more than

history of BNP Paribas cooperation with cinematography and in our country we continue to honor the values of the Group, working with actors who also have a historically important influence on the present in terms of the experience of entire actors’ generations”.

The BNP Paribas Group strives to be the engine of innovation and to implement bold actions. The bank helps creators realize their ambitious ambitions at the international level.

We welcome all film fans and those who, in modern times, create a new history of motion picture art!

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