UKRSIBBANK has assisted 72 hospitals in Ukraine to fight coronavirus

UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group is providing the financial assistance for purchase of essential medical supplies to 72 hospitals listed by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for the placement of patients with COVID-19 coronavirus in different cities of Ukraine.

The bank is buying: biosafety suits (waterproof) — 1000 units, FFP3 — 10000 respirators, FFP2 – 5500, gloves – 40000, protective overalls – 5000, shoes covers – 10000 units, protective masks – 40000, glasses – 2500, hand antiseptic – 4000 liters, liquid soap 2000 liters, as well as other essentials for the protection devices and other medical devices.

All materials are purchased with assistance of charitable foundations, that has been cooperating with bank for more than 10 years: “Promoting the Development of Medicine” and “Likar.Infond”.

UKRSIBBANK staff — Heads of Regional Offices continue to actively monitor situation in each city and work directly with Head of hospitals to find out the real needs of each hospital. Therefore, the list of purchases is constantly updated.

From other hand bank employees are also involved in the search and purchases of consumables for hospitals. Moreover, the Bank’s employees are involved in the support of medics by transferring money to charitable funds involved in UKRSIBBANK’s charitable activities.

“Today, to fight the outbreak and spread of the coronavirus, we must unite all possible efforts. This applies to both the personal responsibility of each person and the company, – says Yanina Olkhovska – Director of Communications, Corporate Social Responsibility and Engagement of UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group. “UKRSIBBANK reviews budget planning for this year and has decided to refuse from some events for corporate clients and employees to support Ukrainian medics and overcome the medical crisis.”

We remind the main shareholder of UKRSIBBANK — BNP Paribas Group to strengthen its support in the face of the health crisis, BNP Paribas is now launching a new emergency support plan that brings the Group’s financial commitment to over €50m, including € 1 million for coronavirus vaccine research.

The bank is currently planning assistance for a total budget of

UAH 5 million

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