UKRSIBBANK has updated IVR – the contact center voice menu system

UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group has already updated the voice menu (IVR) of the contact center. Now the clients can independently find out the balance, the available limit, the amount and date of mandatory payment, the amount of full early repayment, the validity of the card, and the amount of overdue debt. To do this, just call the hotline at 729.

Of course, the possibility of communication with the operator remained. It is also planned to gradually add the hotline functionality and other relevant requests.

The update was developed by such divisions as: IVR — Support Group Management of operational support; SAP Gateway is a group of engineering and design centers for the development of integration systems; RCCFE — Consumer Credit Development Group. Java Development Center.

The identification of customers occurs either at the expense of the card number and the date of birth of its owner (the full card number, the validity date, the month and the last 2 digits of the year, the date of birth) or by phone of the loan agreement, if the account is opened within the framework of the TTP, an individual application contract number and date of birth).

Thanks to the improvement of IVR functions, the client receives information automatically at any time convenient for him. We make the financial life of our customers simple, safe and rewarding.

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