UKRSIBBANK long-term credit rating affirmed at uaAAА

On November 14, 2018, the rating agency Expert Rating confirmed the UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group long-term credit rating of uaААА according to the national Ukrainian scale, which means a high level of solvency.

The Expert Rating report states that UKRSIBBANK has an unprecedented high level of external support from its shareholders: BNP Paribas and the EBRD. The bank is well provided with regulatory capital and liquidity, maintaining a stock of key ratios relative to their average values across the banking system, while simultaneously optimizing instant and current liquidity for the current market situation. The quality of the loan portfolio of the bank can be described as: better than the market average

Over the past seven quarters in a row, UKRSIBBANK’s operations have remained profitable, with the bank showing impressive profit growth. Note that for 3 quarters UKRSIBBANK received a net profit after tax of

1898 million UAH

+ 122%
compared with 9 months of 2017).

You can learn more about the methodology for evaluating the rating agency Expert Rating here.

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