UkrSibbank on top of bank ratings

At the end of February, UkrSibbank BNP Paribas Group was named among the best banks of Ukraine by three different ratings.

According to “Minfin” web portal, UkrSibbank came in among the top four most reliable banks of Ukraine. The rating includes the banks from the first three groups of banks according to the NBU classification as well as small financial institutions with individual deposit portfolios of up to UAH 1 billion. The experts from “Dragon Capital”, “ICU”, “Expert-Raiting” agency, “Ukrainian Credit-Rating Agency” and “Da Vinci AG” analytical group reviewed the stress resistance, loyalty of depositors, quality of assets, liquidity, external support, deposit increase, payment reputation and other factors.

You can view the full rating at “Minfin” portal.

UkrSibbank also came in 6th according to the rating of the biggest and most stable banks by “Dengi”, one of Ukraine’s leading financial magazines.

The rating of “retail banks you won’t be afraid with” has also been published by the “Focus” magazine which gave UkrSibbank the 5th position among the banks with more than UAH 1 billion in individual deposits. 20 banks have made it to the final list compiled on the basis of two main factors: stability and comfort.

“Focus” also compared the quality of products of the top 20 most stable banks and came up with the leaders of the four main retail segments. In spite of the difficult economic situation, the leading banks continue to take care of their clients and introduce new technologies, the publication says.

UkrSibbank has been named among the top 5 best banks in terms of credit financing, user-friendly payment cards and deposits safety.

Moreover, the parent company of UkrSibbank, BNP Paribas Group, has the highest rating among all banks represented in Ukraine. UkrSibbank itself also came in first in the “Deposit Reliability Rating” by the “Standard Rating” agency and was named the leader of SME financing by “Bankir” magazine and secured the “Bank No.1” title in terms of Net Promoter’s Score.

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