UKRSIBBANK signed the “Pact for Youth — 2020”

August 15, 2016 UKRSIBBANK became a participant of “Pact for Youth 2020”, taking the obligation to provide the youth of Ukraine places for training and employment until 2020.

This initiative coincides with the strategic vision of the group BNP PARIBAS, the part of which is UKRSIBBANK. In addition the bank actively develops and implements its programs for training and employment of young people, for example, the program “Zіrki on startі” or program “Internship in the offices.” “Zіrki on startі” is aimed at attracting, retaining and developing young professionals and graduates of the best universities in Ukraine in order to form a strong professional management team in the future.

“For UKRSIBBANK BNP PARIBAS GROUP it is very important to have a positive impact on society. We aim to become the most reliable player in the industry, based on our values and ethics. I know many people think that the bank it is only loans, deposits. UKRSIBBANK is a bank that changing the world that improves the lives of people around. We are serious about the issue of education of the younger generation of Ukrainians and their further employment, therefore become signatories of the “Covenant”, says Janina Olkhovskaya, Head of Brand and Communications UKRSIBBANK, BNP PARIBAS GROUP.

Ukrainian “Pact for Youth 2020” is a continuation of a pan-European initiative on the initiative of the Centre “CSR Development” and supported by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine. The pact involves the creation of at least 100 partnership projects between business and the education sector and to provide 10,000 places for training and youth the first working place.

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