Women in business 2022: strong and adamant!

UKRSIBBANK invites to free online seminars for the development of women’s entrepreneurship

For the fourth year in a row, as part of the bank’s “Women in business” program, UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group organizes business seminars for women entrepreneurs and invites business owners and managers who want to learn how to deal with war, forced relocation of teams and changes in the work of clients and partners, quickly adapt the business to new realities.

The seminars will be interesting and useful for all managers who, in addition to professional development, seek to gain new relevant knowledge, how to “play” in the market when the “rules of the game” are constantly changing, how to adapt processes in the company to new conditions, how to build an anti-crisis strategy aimed at development, how to find funds and clients and how to support and motivate the team. For this, UKRSIBBANK invited successful women in business to share their knowledge, experience and expertise in the most important areas of business.

Join the seminars online without pre-registration. Turn on the notification on the announcement of the broadcast so that you will receive a reminder about the workshop that interests you.

  •                “Adaptation of business to the conditions of martial law” Olena Plakhova, Director of reputation management of the Nova Poshta Group of Companies, November 29 at 4:00 p.m. https://youtu.be/lg2gS_7Zyio
  •                “Implementation of anti-crisis financial management” — Tetyana Gerasimova, certified business trainer, practising business consultant, December 1 at 4 p.m. https://youtu.be/IIdi2tyYe_o
  • “Change in consumer demand: how to attract funds, new customers and adapt to new realities” — Oksana Boyko, certified business trainer, founder and leader of the school of management, December 6 at 4 p.m. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9tKt1aqcGY
  •                “Marketing opportunities for business in new realities” — Valeriya Tolochyna, Marketing director at Megogo, December 8 at 4 p.m. https://youtu.be/uE_9R7dgziM
  •                “Digital during the war: new social trends and communication” — Zoya Lubod, co-owner of Lobods digital agency, digital consultant, December 13 at 4 p.m. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqiFUI7BGp0
  •                “Anti-crisis communication with employees. Keeping the team motivated. Mental health” – Anastasia Bortnik, certified business coach, management and personal brand consultant, December 15 at 4 p.m. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwzmcAM738A

Participation in seminars is free. During the online broadcast, you can ask the speakers questions on the specified topics.

Entrepreneurs are the driving force of Ukraine’s economy. Despite the daily challenges of martial law, Ukrainian entrepreneurs strive to continue their activities, looking for ways of recovery and development, new businesses are emerging. Enterprises and individual entrepreneurs. According to the Mastercard SME Index, 2022, 61% of entrepreneurs have not stopped their activities, and 53% believe in full recovery within one to three years.

According to research, the stage of business recovery began in April 2022. Both young and experienced entrepreneurs are currently facing various challenges, in particular: lack of funding, customers and employees or sales channels, and also practical experience, successful cases of building a strategy in conditions of strong turbulence and positive examples of management decisions.

At the same time, women in business adapt more quickly and overcome obstacles on the way to a successful business. To overcome the crisis, entrepreneurs transform their businesses, switch to e-commerce and online sales, look for alternative sales channels or relocate their businesses within the country and abroad.

As part of the international financial group BNP Paribas, UKRSIBBANK is an active promoter of sustainable development, a member of the UN Global Compact Network in Ukraine and advocates for reducing gender inequality in the business environment. The Bank continues initiatives aimed at expanding women’s economic opportunities and ensuring equal opportunities for representation at the highest levels of decision-making in political and social life. The presence of women in all spheres of the economy creates harmony in decision-making and gives a multifaceted view of the situation. Seminars for the development of entrepreneurship under martial law as part of the “Women in business” program will provide participants with the knowledge that will help them achieve their goals, successfully survive the crisis and become a strong support for the economy, and increase their competitiveness in the domestic and international markets in the future.

The ability to be flexible, to adapt to modern realities, stability and the desire to develop one's own business are important conditions for the recovery of Ukraine as a more innovative and technological country with a stable economy. We see how adamant and independent Ukrainian entrepreneurs are inspired to seek opportunities. So as a committed partner we are ready to provide the support that will help them develop and scale their business. This year, the speakers of our seminars will share their experience and expertise of working during martial law, and will provide practical life hacks on how to act in different situations. With our "Women in business" program, we support women in business, encourage people with diverse knowledge to create and develop businesses, and make a positive contribution to the recovery and development of the Ukrainian economy

Director of Communications, Corporate Social Responsibility and Engagement, UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group

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