Corporate cards

UKRSIBBANK has extensive experience in implementing payroll projects and maintenance corporate cards.

Corporate cards

We implement more than 15,000 payroll projects for companies with a small number of employees, for large manufacturing enterprises with an extensive regional network and for budget organizations served on preferential terms.

UKRSIBBANK offers your company a new level of high-quality, comprehensive service based on our All Inclusive payroll project, namely:

  • Favorable payroll project rates with free registration of the Start package and salary payment cards for the company’s employees;

  • Advanced company funds management with UKRSIB business;

  • Fast transactions with UKRSIBBANK’s in-house processing center;

  • Fast salary payments and total confidentiality of enrollment information;

  • A wide range of banking and insurance products and services with online accounts management for the company’s employees;

  • Free cash withdrawal at all Ukrainian ATMs1.

1— the offer is valid for salary cards issued in UAH accounts under the All Inclusive Start, All Inclusive, All Inclusive Ultra, All Inclusive DeLuxe, Black Edition and Le Grand packages.

UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group is a principal member of Mastercard and Visa international payment systems, issues bank payment cards of these payment systems and enters into contracts for payment card service in the retail network.

Check out our bank card programs and choose the best for your company's needs.

With corporate card you can:

  • pay for business trips expenses (hotels, car rental, tickets booking);

  • cover representation expenses (restaurant visits);

  • cover overhead expenses (purchase stationeries, pay for translating services);

  • pay for enterprise core operational expenses (purchase of goods, suppliers’ costs);

  • withdraw cash in foreign currency while staying abroad to cover business trips expenses.

  • make any cash and non-cash payments inside and outside Ukraine.

Please, be informed about the Bank's card programs and choose the one is required to your company needs.

Card programme name

Corporate payment cards

Card type


Visa Classic Econom

MasterCard Business

Card type

All Inclusive

MasterCard Debit

MasterCard Business

Card type

All Inclusive Ultra

MasterCard Gold / Visa Gold1

MasterCard Corporate (chip)

Card type

All Inclusive De Luxe

MasterCard Platinum / Visa Platinum 1

MasterCard Corporate (chip)

1 — Issued only as additional card. One additional card will be issued as not charged.

Corporate payment cards

Corporate Card is the best way to control representation expenses, your employees’ business trips expenses and payments related to business activities. Corporate payment card enables you to:

Pay for

  • business trips expenses (stay in a hotel, car rental, tickets booking);
  • representation expenses (payments for restaurant);
  • overhead expenses (books purchase, translating service, stationeries purchase);
  • enterprise core operational expenses (purchase of goods, suppliers’ costs).


Cash in foreign currency while staying abroad to pay for the business trips expenses.


Any cash and non-cash payment inside and outside Ukraine.

To order a corporate card please contact our Corporate Client Support Center at (044) 537 50 00 or e-mail to CS@UKRSIBBANK.COM.

Benefits of a corporate card usage:

  • reduced operating costs and shorter banking time;

  • no need to declare corporate card account’s funds while traveling abroad;

  • round-the-clock access to your business account anywhere in the world;

  • secure payment card usage – payment card holders’ support service is functioning 24/7.

For additional information on UKRSIBBANK services, please contact your personal manager or StarContact Information Service at 0 800 505 800 (tel free within Ukraine).


UKRSIBBANK provides acquiring service for retail business establishment that want to expand their circle of customers attracting payment cards holders. Rate schedule «Corporate Banking Acquiring»:

Payments fee charged by the bank when paying for transactions with payment cards such as Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Cirrus/Maestro by retail business establishments

  • UKRSIBBANK cards — 1% of the transaction amount
  • other banks cards — 2,3% of the transaction amount

Monthly subscription fee for merchant acquiring through POS equipment

  • 300 UAH

Full version of the Rate schedule «Corporate Banking Acquiring»

To see other acquiring service terms and conditions of use, please visit the link.

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