For your company to efficiently manage its free cash flow you can place long-term or short-term deposits in national and foreign currency.


Your deposits are always safe with UKRSIBBANK as part BNP Paribas Group, one of the world-largest banking groups.
Deposit Line Plus or Fixed Term Deposit – pick which is best for your deposit needs on favorable terms customized for your company.

Deposit Line Plus

Offers flexible options for depositing your available funds for effective financial management. With the principal tranche available, you may deposit additional tranches on conditions you choose under a single agreement. No need to give any additional notifications to tax authorities. Also, you may pick a convenient deposit term and interest accrual method: monthly, quarterly, or at the end of the term.

With Deposit Line Plus you may easily deposit your company’s available funds with UKRSIB business internet banking system, without any additional paper contracts or visits to the bank, to save your time and money.

Fixed Term Deposit

Guarantees income on deposit for a set term with a fixed interest rate. You may get interest monthly or at the end of the term, depending on the fixed-term deposit conditions you choose.
With interest accrued on your current account balance, your passive funds become the source of income. If you have exceeded the limit on your current account, your financial flows will be optimized through covering part of your overdraft with your accrued interests.

UKRSIBBANK sets interest rates individually, depending on currency, deposit term, and a current account balance.
UKRSIBBANK managers are always ready to provide you with all the necessary information and offer the best deposit options.

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