Global channels

Connexis Cash, EBICS та SWIFTnet are global channels for exchanging financial messages

  • Connexis Cash

    Global BNP Paribas internet banking platform, which has a separate interface


    German IT connectivity-based standard

  • SWIFTnet

    SWIFT solution for making payments and reporting on accounts

Global channels

In order to centralize account management and reporting of multinational companies, we offer different Global Channel solutions.
These are international financial messaging services that provide corporations with an extensive network of structural divisions in different countries of the world with secure communication with their banks around the world through a single secure protocol for direct data exchange (Host-to-Host).
We are carries out contractual debiting of funds in national and foreign currency from your accounts, based on an incoming payment instruction in the format of a
SWIFT-message (MT 101 format).

With the help of Global Channels, international companies have the opportunity to make payments in national and foreign currency, make salary payments, generate reports etc.

These services have a number of advantages for international corporations with a single centralized payment factory:

the use of a single channel for the exchange of financial messages of the established format allows speeding up and automating payment processes

the possibility of initiating a transfer by the parent company (the Initiator) from the account of the structural unit

speed and timeliness of payments of structural subdivisions in different countries

the ability to receive the status of an initiated payment instruction sent through the channel online and monitor financial flows across all structural divisions in different countries

receiving regular reporting in the form of account statements in MT SWIFT 940 and 942 formats

cost savings and reduction of operational risks of an international corporation thanks to work through a single channel for exchanging financial messages

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