Happy age deposit

The Happy Age deposit is created especially for retirees and is the optimal ratio between making a profit and being able to keep money.

Happy age

from 1000 UAH
to 1000000 UAH
from 9 months
to 24 months
from 0 UAH
to 5000 UAH
  • Annual interest rate
    0 %
  • The amount of accrued interest for the entire period
    0,00 UAH
  • The amount of taxes (19.5)
    0,00 UAH
  • Interest for the whole period (after tax)
    0,00 UAH
  • Effective rate% per annum (after tax)
  • The amount of replenishment for the entire period
    0,00 UAH
The amount of the deposit and interest at the end of the term
000 UAH

Deposit features:

increased interest rate for current pension card holders or pension account holders in UKRSIBBANK

possibility of replenishment

monthly interest payment

free issuance of a card with the details of your accounts in UKRSIBBANK for easy management.

General terms and conditions of deposit placement

Deposit currency

Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH)

Minimum deposit amount

100 UAH

The minimum amount of replenishment

100 UAH

Annual interest rates on deposit "happy age" depending on the term of placement (effective as of 12.04.2021):

Deposit currency

Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH)

Deposit term

9 months


Deposit term

12 months


Deposit term

18 months


Deposit term

24 months


Early termination of the agreement: early termination of the bank deposit agreement is carried out in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.

The Bank notifies the Depositor that:

  • In case of using the banking service, the consequences provided by the relevant agreement between the Depositor and the Bank may occur:

    • In case of untimely application of the depositor to the Bank regarding the return of funds attracted under the bank deposit agreement, and if the Depositor does not demand the return of the term deposit on the return date, the agreement shall be extended for the same period of storage, if the rest is not established by the agreement. In this case, the date of return of the deposit is the last date of the term for which the agreement was extended.

    • In case of early termination of the bank deposit agreement at the request of the Depositor, the income from the term deposit may be reduced in accordance with the terms of the agreement. The Depositor shall notify the Bank of the intention to terminate the bank deposit agreement no later than 2 (two) business days before the date of such early termination by submitting an appropriate application.

    • Return to the Depositor of the bank term deposit and accrued interest on this deposit at his request before the expiration of the term or until the occurrence of other circumstances specified in the agreement is possible – only if provided by the terms of the bank term deposit agreement – if the Depositor does not demand return of the term deposit , established by the bank deposit agreement, or return of the deposit amount made on other terms of return, after the occurrence of the circumstances specified in the agreement, the agreement is considered extended on the terms of the demand deposit, unless otherwise is provided by the agreement.

  • The Bank is prohibited from requiring the Depositor to purchase any goods or services from the Bank or a related or connected person as a mandatory condition for the provision of services (except for the provision of a package of banking services).

  • The Bank shall not have the right to amend the agreements concluded with customers unilaterally, unless otherwise provided by the agreement or the law.

  • The Depositor has the opportunity to refuse to receive advertising materials by means of remote communication channels.

Tariffs for maintenance of deposit accounts

Type of service

The amount of the commission (excluding VAT)

Depositing cash to a deposit account1:

free of charge

Payment of funds from deposit accounts through the Bank's cash desk:

― received in cash:

free of charge

received non-cash2:

1% of the credited amount.
Minimum fee – 10 UAH / 1.5 USD / 1 EUR (depending on the currency of the account)

Tariffs for additional services for servicing a deposit account:

Execution of a power of attorney to dispose of a deposit account

100 UAH

Registration of certificates

free of charge

1 — To replenish the deposit at the cash desk of the Bank it is necessary to provide a passport (or a document that replaces it). Replenishment of the foreign currency deposit by a third party can be made only with a power of attorney.

2 — The commission is not charged at payment:

  • interest on deposit accounts;
  • funds credited (starting from 24.06.2011) from own card accounts opened in UKRSIBBANK. Attention! The commission is charged if the funds are received using the service “Standing order” from the card account “Active money +”.
  • funds credited (starting from January 23, 2012) from own current accounts opened in UKRSIBBANK. Attention! The commission is charged if the funds come from a current account opened on the terms of tariff packages for personal banking clients.

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