Cash collection and transportation

Companies with big cash flow can make their life easier with our collection and transportation service.

With your current account opened with UKRSIBBANK, your company may use that service to collect and deliver funds in national Ukrainian currency from your outlets to the bank and/or back.

No need to visit bank branches or spend money to secure valuables transportation.

Benefits of UKRSIBBANK cash collection services are the follows:

Access to extensive UKRSIBBANK’s

branch network to keep collected money;

Individual approach

to collection scheduling and routing throughout the country;

Best service

prices with a glance to specifics of your company, number and location of collection facilities, and collection frequency;

Prompt crediting

of collected money to your current account;

Collectors with state-of-the-art cars and gear

accompanied by armed security guards.

Please contact UKRSIBBANK experts to receive more service details and qualified consultation.

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