Indemnity contract servicing

Step 1. To start servicing an indemnity contract at JSC UKRSIBBANK you should submit the following documents:

  • two hard copies of the guarantee application;

  • copy of the contract or tender documentation;

  • copy of the NBU registration certificate of the loan attraction agreement in foreign currency from lender-nonresident (if necessary);

  • copy of the articles of association (if the client is not identified at JSC UKRSIBBANK);

  • financial statements for the last reporting periods (if necessary);

  • card with specimen signature and seal (if you don’t have any accounts opened with JSC UKRSIBBANK).

Step 2. JSC UKRSIBBANK considers submitted documents, guarantee security level and makes decision:

  • JSC UKRSIBBANK specialist checks the guarantee provision application and prepares a draft guarantee agreement and hands it over to you for signature;

  • the guarantee is valid upon its issue unless otherwise indicated in the contract.

Step 3. Indemnity contract amendments:

  • you have to submit an application to JSC UKRSIBBANK for amending the current guarantee (in hard copy), copy of the relevant amendments to the agreement or tender documentation certified by seal (if necessary);

  • amendments of the guarantee terms and conditions shall become valid upon its submission, unless otherwise specified.

Guarantee Application shall contain the following details:

  • name and address of JSC UKRSIBBANK (Ukraine, 61001, Kharkiv, Moskovskyi Ave., 60);

  • document title — «Guarantee Application»;

  • number and date of the guarantee application (day — digits, month — digits or in words, year — digits). JSC UKRSIBBANK may specify this date on its own;

  • full or short name of your company matching the name specified in the card with specimen signature and seal, location;

  • currency of the guarantee, in words and digits or letter code of the foreign currency;

  • amount of the guarantee in digits and words;

  • number of the contract or other document, having contractual power pursuant to the legislation of Ukraine (if available), or reference to the details of tender documentation indicating the main liability;

  • beneficiary’s title (for individuals — full name), location or residence (if available);

  • beneficiary’s bank title — its name and location, SWIFT-code (BIC-code) or telex number (if necessary);

  • type of the guarantee, conditions, guarantee validity period;

  • reference to the Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees issued by International Chamber of Commerce (ICC Publication No.758 or the NBU Resolution No.639), or other international documents (if necessary);

  • seal, signatures of your responsible persons identified in the card with specimen signatures and seal (for individual who does not have a seal — only the signature).

In the guarantee application you can authorise JSC UKRSIBBANK to:

  • debit money from your current account to reserve guarantee security (cover) (if necessary);

  • provide guarantee at the expense of bank loan or against collateral, or other security acceptable for JSC UKRSIBBANK (on request);

  • charge commission from your funds and reimburse expenses of JSC UKRSIBBANK and other banks involved in the guarantee (if necessary).

Important! Guarantee coverage is created only at the expense of own funds; usage of purchased currency or credit funds is strictly forbidden.

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