Payment for imported goods by purchased funds

The main documents required for the payment processing:

  • The agreement (contract)1 with the non-resident;

  • Annexes to the agreement that are an integral part of it (i.e.: specification, etc.);

  • Currency purchase request (via StarAccess or the original copy);

  • Letter (via StarAccess is possible) with information on the total amount of foreign currency funds (the limit is USD 25,000 equivalent) placed on the accounts in all banks2 (on the current and deposit accounts);

  • Documents according to NBU Res. No. 369 dated 15.08.2016 «On the procedure of the analysis and investigation of the documents on financial transactions and their parties» (if needed);

  • In case of import agreement transfer to JSC UKRSIBBANK for servicing:

    • Additional agreement on changing the bank details for JSC UKRSIBBANK details;

    • Reference from another bank with information on the amounts of purchased, exchanged, transferred foreign currency and transactions in process under the agreement.

1 — the documents shall be submitted to the servicing branch in certified copies. Copies shall be certified by the signature of the head/head authorised person and the seal.

2 — The total balance shall not include:

  • balance on the blocked accounts;
  • balance on the deposit accounts opened until 04.06.2015;
  • balance on the current accounts for payments with own clients’ currency, NBU approval pending payments;
  • balance on the current accounts in currency purchased earlier, but not used for its intended purpose, etc. (according to the NBU Resolution No.342 of 07.06.2016);
  • funds in the currency that belongs to Group 3 in the Nomenclature.

Important! It is forbidden to purchase currency at the expense of the credit funds. If UAH amount for the currency purchase is transferred from the account with another bank, it is necessary to provide a reference confirming that the funds are not credit funds.

Additional documents, depending on the terms of the agreement:

For payments ex post (the NBU Resolution No. 281):

  • Customs declaration (availability in the register) /Service Acceptance Certificate /intellectual property rights transfer, etc.
  • If the goods are delivered outside Ukraine (without import) — The agreement with the non-resident on selling goods to the non-resident outside Ukraine and proceeds from its sale transfer to the resident accounts with the authorised banks or documents confirming the necessity for a resident to use goods for own needs outside Ukraine.

For advance payments (the NBU Resolution No.124):

  • Invoice and other documents (under the agreement).
  • Agreement on letter of credit payments method, if the amount of the agreement or the total amount of payments under all agreements with the non-resident is ≥USD 1 000,000 (equiv) (currency purchase is possible only for letter of credit coverage).

Main stages of payment processing:

Currency purchase requests received until 11:00 are processed on the same operation day:

provided that the documents package is full and provided that the amount in UAH at the NBU current exchange rate required for currency purchase is available (on the current account (for direct debit) and on 2900 account (if UAH amount is to be transferred by payment order).

Settlements under the requests shall be performed not earlier than on the 3th operating day if there is no NBU refusal.

Commission for request processing shall be charged independently by the bank — on the day of request execution it is necessary to accumulate the required amount on the current UAH account.

Payments at the expense of the purchased currency are executed on the day of its purchase, if the payments are received until 12:00.

Purchased, but not used currency is to be 100% sold within 10 days upon its crediting to the current account according to cl. 6. of the currency purchase request. If it is necessary to sell the unused currency earlier than 10 days, it is necessary to provide currency free sale requests.

In case of return, the payment at the expense of purchased currency shall be credited on the 2603 account and 100% sold. Proceeds returned upon the initiative of a foreign bank recipient /intermediary bank, if such proceeds are returned within seven current days of their transfer by an authorised bank, are not subject to mandatory sale.

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