Loan agreement transfer to JSC UKRSIBBANK

To transfer a loan agreement:

Client submits the following documents:

  • Loan agreement from non-resident and existing supplementary agreements;
  • The registration certificate (hard copy of the notice with the confirmation of the loan agreement registration with the NBU) and existing changes as well;
  • Supplementary Agreement to the loan agreement on change of the bank details specified below;
  • certified copies of documents listed in cl. 1-3;
  • Filled in agreement notification (please find notification template attached);
  • A letter from a previous servicing Bank with information about all transactions under the agreement;
  • Reports under 503 and 504 form as of the last reporting date.


  • After submitting the required documents, JSC UKRSIBBANK within 4 business days submits the information to the NBU for registration of the loan agreement transfer to JSC UKRSIBBANK.
  • Within 5 business days upon documents submission, the NBU registers change of the servicing bank. If the NBU has any comments regarding submitted documents, it may request additional information.
  • If the NBU does not have comments regarding the submitted documents within 7 days, the NBU sends by mail a hard copy of the notice with confirmation of the servicing bank change.

For the agreement to be serviced in UKRSIBBANK you should:

  • submit a certified copy of the registration certificate received from the NBU to JSC UKRSIBBANK;

  • provide an original copy of the letter from previous servicing Bank containing relevant information about transactions under the loan agreement. The letter must be dated not earlier than the date of registration of the servicing bank change with the NBU.


In order to simplify the process of documents’ package preparation, we kindly advise you to submit to JSC UKRSIBBANK scanned copies of documents, as well as a draft filled in Supplementary Agreement (cl.3) and Notice (cl.5) before submitting it to the NBU.

JSC UKRSIBBANK payment details:

  • Beneficiary: JSC UKRSIBBANK, Kharkiv,Ukraine
  • SWIFT code: KHABUA2K
  • Account number (USD): 020061151200138
  • Beneficiary’s bank: BNP PARIBAS U.S.A. – New York Branch, New York
  • SWIFT code: BNPAUS3N
  • Beneficiary’s Account: 2600…


  • Beneficiary: JSC UKRSIBBANK, Kharkiv, Ukraine
  • SWIFT code: KHABUA2K
  • Account number (EUR): 07205696
  • Beneficiary’s bank: BNP PARIBAS SA, Paris
  • Beneficiary’s Account: 2600…


  • Beneficiary: JSC UKRSIBBANK, Kharkiv,Ukraine
  • SWIFT code: KHABUA2K
  • Account number (CHF): 0230-35975.05C
  • Beneficiary’s bank: UBS AG, Zurich
  • Beneficiary’s Account: 2600…

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