Payments from third parties

Receive cash payments in national and foreign currencies from individuals and legal entities. Save on cash collection and get up-to-date payments information in the form of a register.

You may receive payments through UKRSIBBANK branches without entering into any contracts. However, we recommend making a relevant agreement to receive payments easier.

Please find below the key benefits you will obtain from concluding an agreement to accept payments from third parties through UKRSIBBANK branches.

  • cost saving on collection and maintenance of your company’s cash-desk;

  • payments to your company through the wide branch network in Ukraine;

  • prompt update on payments accepted (provided as a register, either by e-mail or from the bank’s server);

  • beneficiary payment details are entered into the bank system for faster payments;

  • wide range of payment transfer and commission payment methods;

  • structured payment details customized to your needs.

Specifics of payment acceptance agreements are as follows:

  • the agreement can specify one or more company’s current accounts;

  • funds may be transferred as the lump sum or as separate installments;

  • bank commissions are calculated for each payment and may be paid by third parties and/or by your company.

Please contact UKRSIBBANK to receive a professional consultation about an agreement customized to your business.

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