«Za Myt» funds transfer system

Make payments to resident and non-resident individuals throughout Ukraine. All remote transactions are confidential and safe.

To make payments to individuals with UKRSIB business, your company representative needs to:

  • conclude an agreement with the bank;

  • submit electronic data with a list of recipients;

  • send payments to individuals, ensuring the sending account has sufficient funds to cover UKRSIBBANK’s fees.

The bank will generate transfers to listed names and send messages to the recipients with transfer numbers. Transfers are disbursed in cash and may be credited to recipient’s account upon request.

With this service you can make:

  • insurance reimbursements;

  • business trip allowances;

  • disbursements of loan funds to credit unions;

  • salary payments to seasonal employees;

  • sick leave payments, etc.

Here are some benefits your company can get from «Za Myt» funds transfer system:

  • remote services – no need to visit bank branches;

  • recipients may receive funds at any UKRSIBBANK branch in Ukraine;

  • saved time and cash management expenses;

  • information confidentiality and protection;

  • Workflow optimization and control: UKRSIB business keeps all transfer information and you can easily maintain the list of recipients and specify additional transfer details.

For more details on this service, please contact UKRSIBBANK employees, who will kindly provide you with full information.

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