Four Key Areas of the Sustainable Development Strategy

Four Key Areas of the Sustainable Development Strategy


Financing the economy in compliance with high standards.

By offering its clients quality financial products and services, BNP Paribas Group always focuses on business ethics and responsibility. The bank promotes economic development and job creation in more than 70 countries of the world.

Our three commitments support economic responsibility:

  • Investments and lending with a positive impact on the economy;

  • The highest standards of business ethics;

  • System integration and management of environmental, social and managerial risks.


People are the supreme value. Therefore, social responsibility is an important area of our activities.

Our three social responsibility commitments:

  • We promote inclusion and diversity in the workplace;

  • We provide the best place to work with a responsible employer;

  • We offer our employees training and dynamic career management.


We strive to improve every aspect of society. Our commitments are therefore aimed at preventing social exclusion, promoting equal opportunities through financial education and microfinance, and encouraging creativity and solidarity.

We adhere to three commitments:

  • Our products and services are available;

  • We respect and observe human rights;

  • We support corporate philanthropy aimed at the development of art and solidarity and the improvement of environment.


Actions against climate change is a top priority for BNP Paribas as a global energy finance company. Our activities comply with the Paris Agreement, aimed at financing a number of low-carbon projects.

To this end, we rely on three aspects in our activity:

  • Support of customers of the low-carbon economy;

  • Reducing the impact of one’s own activities on the environment;

  • Promotion of the best environmental practices.