А new opportunity to open an account for doing business in ukraine

UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group provides an opportunity for corporate clients, non-resident legal entities to open a current account in Ukraine, both in UAH and in foreign currency.

From now on, legal entities registered abroad can open current accounts with UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group and conduct export-import operations, convert currency, receive loan repayments from resident companies and more.

How to open an account for a non-resident:

  1. Go through the customer identification procedure.
  2. Sign an agreement to open an account.
  3. Get the account number.
  4. Register in the UKRSIB business system.
  5. Perform operations.

Details at the link.

Registration as a taxpayer is required to open an account. The number of accounts that can be opened by one non-resident is unlimited. Such an account can be managed remotely via the UKRSIB business internet banking, using a qualified electronic signature certificate. Note that UKRSIBBANK has its own accredited key certification center.

We strive to make the financial life of our customers simple, safe and rewarding!

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