Future of Work: How Customers’ Changing Needs Prompt Companies to Develop Digital Competencies

UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group has supported Future of Work, a national interactive exhibition for young people about the future of work in Ukraine in 2030. The exhibition, organized by Career Hub and Center for Corporate Social Responsibility Development, took place last week in Kiev and brought together young people, educational institutions, business, and public authorities.

”The world is changing, our customers’ needs are changing, the bank is changing. We cannot stay away as existing knowledge, skills and abilities become irrelevant faster than we can imagine. Professional certifications having a two-year re-certification period become more and more valued worldwide. This is because knowledge become irrelevant each two years. So what does it take to build a long-term career? First, a continuous commitment to learning and implementing changes to improve processes. Second, even though data is among the most valuable assets of any business, we introduce technologies for data analytics, big data management and personal data protection. Gaining knowledge and skills in data analytics and data management is a promising trend in professional growth. Third, implementing changes is currently a key competence for many entities. Knowing change management technologies, mastering the role of a product owner, scrum-master, chapter lead etc., inherent in agile organization is an opportunity to grow in a matrix structure while staying in your original division. Changes in customer needs prompts companies and each of us to develop digital communication channels, more actively automate key processes, and adopt digital solutions for business development with more confidence. All this is impossible without developing digital competences such as digital marketing and digital technologies. As the most important thing for building a successful career and gaining new skills is our desire and ability to study, implement and support changes while cooperating with others”, notes Natalia Halunko, HRD at UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group.

It’s worth mentioning that UKRSIBBANK as a Top Employer develops Learning Organization Culture and acts as a learning company, maintains an open dialogue with young people, supports educational activities and shares best practices.

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