Sensible Charity UkrSibbank Spends Funds Meant for New Year Presents to Help Children with Cerebral Palsy

With Christmas and the New Year holidays approaching, more and more pleasant duties await us: buying presents for our families and friends, and organizing fun activities for our children, who are eagerly anticipating their Christmas presents. However, there are always those who are in need of our care and attention no less than our families and friends, above all, children.

It has now become a tradition for UkrSibbank BNP Paribas Group to allocate funds for the needs of the Sensible Charity project, which previously were earmarked for purchasing gifts for the bank’s partners. This year UkrSibbank, on behalf of its clients and partners, is supporting Ukrainian children diagnosed with infantile cerebral paralysis (ICP). The sum of UAH 300,000 will serve as a valuable contribution to the “Living is moving” project of the International Charity Foundation Likar.infund, which will ensure that fourteen children from all over Ukraine will receive assistance in the form of rehabilitation courses that will help them gain freedom of movement and overcome their disease.

The children who have infantine cerebral paralysis have already taken many steps along the road to recovery. Every day they endure hours of exercises that bring perceptible results. Each new rehabilitation course brings children with ICP closer to good health. But they must not stop because only a continuous and complex rehabilitation process can bring about changes for the better: children with access to such treatment can regain their health by 60-80% and sometimes even by 100%. The treatment allows them to move freely, walk, talk, and study just like ordinary children.

Unfortunately, families who have children with ICP often cannot afford such comprehensive rehabilitation courses. However, with support from UkrSibbank, fourteen children will now have an opportunity to undergo several courses over a one-year period at the International Rehabilitation Treatment Clinic in Truskavets, which is equipped with modern diagnostic and rehabilitation tools, and offers hippotherapy (equine-assisted) courses. Thanks to the bank’s support, the specialized boarding school in Iziaslav (Khmelnytskyi oblast) for children with poliomyelitis effects and cerebral paralysis will have access to the latest medical equipment: a Delta laser, which will enable the children to have regular therapy treatment. The apparatus works on the principle of coherent multi-radiation (magnetic radiation, infrared laser, ultrasound, and phototherapy). COMRA therapy has positive effects on the central nervous system and lymphatic system, and it is safe to use on children with acute and chronic diseases because it is one of the most efficient methods of physical therapy. It improves peripheral and cerebral microcirculation and can be successfully used instead of acupuncture needles in reflex therapy for children.

We are confident that a big victory is gained through many smally achievements, and we are delighted that, thanks to UkrSibbank, our partners, and clients, children with ICP will be that much closer to their own victory. UkrSibbank is honoured to contribute to the “Living is moving” project that is making life a little easier for these tiny heroes.

“The ‘Living is moving’ project is unique. We have decided to focus on providing regular help for the same children. The effectiveness of such support has been demonstrated in the past four years. We receive letters from parents about the improvements in their children’s health: some children began to walk on their own for the first time, some said their first word, some managed to walk upstairs for the first time, etc. It is incredible to participate in all this, to help these little heroes, who are accustomed to doing the daily hard work aimed at their recovery, on their way to victory. They are our children! We are delighted when we find support from comm

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