The “Silver Coin” campaign in support of the creative development of children with Down syndrome continues

More than UAH 90,000 funds raised in six weeks of the Silver Coin campaign, a joint initiative of UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group and All-Ukrainian Charity Organization “Down Syndrome”.

This year the action to support children with Down syndrome “Silver Coin” was launched with the main idea – “In a changing world, every child is a superhero” and runs from August 25 to November 25, 2020. Within three months, UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group, together with its clients, will collect funds for the implementation of effective programs for the creative development of children with special educational needs, which will help children with Down syndrome to unleash their creativity and reach personal excellence.

“Nowadays, charity is becoming a social necessity. By developing the characteristics of each personality, we give the right to the existence of different views, progressive ideas, and new role models in society, and shape the future. Therefore, it is so important to engage your environment in charitable projects, share information, transfer experience. All our clients for 11 years of existence of “Silver Coin” know that active fundraising in these three months has aimed at developing projects to support regional training initiatives, their implementation through a grant program. UKRSIBBANK has been cooperating with All-Ukrainian Charity Organization “Down Syndrome” and supporting children with Down syndrome for a year and this principle has remained unchanged for 10 years. We are also closely following the results of the grant competition, which will open an admission for new applications already in October this year”, – said Konstantin Lezhnin, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Retail Banking of UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group.

The collected funds in 2020 will be use to provide three grants to the best social and educational projects in Ukraine, contributing to the development of the comprehensive abilities of children with Down syndrome. The introduction of new techniques will improve the process of socialization and development of the abilities of children of preschool and school age, through cooperation with creative and theater studios, sports schools, creating and opening their own workshops.

“Thanks to the grant competition among regional organizations, we strive to support some initiatives aimed at addressing the needs of children with Down syndrome in different parts of Ukraine. The Silver Coin project helps to train teachers both in large cities and in the regions, to understand the specifics of working with children with Down syndrome, the peculiarities of their development and the conditions under which the capabilities of such children can be brought to the maximum level, — notes the president of All-Ukrainian Charity Organization “Down Syndrome” Elena Bolshanina. – Support from UKRSIBBANK is important for gaining knowledge and sharing experience on best practices for developing the creative and physical abilities of people with Down syndrome, as well as preparing materials and disseminating information on this issue. Therefore, we will soon announce the start of accepting applications for grants under the Silver Coin project from our longtime partner”.

You can provide charitable assistance by making a cash “deposit” in special boxes in any of the UKRSIBBANK branches or using the QR code and transferring non-cash funds to the Down Syndrome UBO account.

Fundraising will continue until November 25.

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