«Time Machine»: UKRSIBBANK returns money for purchased or sold USD / EUR at the best rate of the NBU in three days

UKRSIBBABNK BNP Paribas Group refunds for purchased or sold US dollars / Euros to its clients legal entities small and medium business customers engaged in foreign trade activities. At the same time, under the terms of the “Time Machine”, campaign, the bank returns the difference between the course of UKRSIBBANK and the NBU rate in three days: yesterday, today, tomorrow, but not more than 0,15 UAH. per unit of currency. Cashback is carried out within 90 days from the date of opening the account in US dollars or Euro.

The “Time Machine” campaign runs until the end of the year – December 31, 2017.

In addition, free monthly maintenance of the account within three months from the date of opening the account. The Bank does not charge monthly settlement servicing of current accounts opened on TP “Base in foreign currency for clients of a segment of SME” or in hryvnia on TP “Econom”, “Unlimited”, “Accounts of the special mode of use”; as well as the transition to TP “Econom” / “Unlimited” with TP “Tariffs for formation of the authorized fund in the national currency”.

All participants of the action can get as a gift a unique collection “EXPERT RECOMMENDATIONS” on foreign economic activity – within the next month after opening an account in foreign currency.

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